If you can’t talk with your kids about the little stuff today, how will you ever talk with them about the big stuff tomorrow?

 The Unstoppable Family E-Kit

Everything You Need Today to Have a Game Changing Meeting Tonight!


Consider This....

A Good High School football team will meet over 200 times to prepare for their season.

A solid business will hold between 50 and 100 staff meetings annually.

To have a strong family, how many times are you willing to meet?

What’s Included With The Kit?!

Meeting Agenda

Designed to make every meeting productive and fun.

Dream Board

Let the ideas flow and get creative!

The 4 Gifts

1. The Gift of Listening

Disconnect to Connect

2. The Gift of Respect

Don’t Quack the Duck

3. The Gift of Awareness

Live Above the Mark

4. The Gift of Love

Celebrate Ourselves and Others

These 4 Gifts are the foundation.
They will forever change the way you listen, love and learn at the kitchen table and beyond.


Family Meeting Guidebook

Chocked-full of examples and ideas for a fun, productive meeting.  This Guidebook was designed to ignite new conversations and deepen the family connection.  It also shares:


-Embracing the 4 Gifts
-Finding Your Path
-Creating Your Family Agenda
-Listening…Really Listening
-Celebrating Your Successes
…..The List Keeps Going

Celebration Journal

Charting your family’s progress keeps you focused…making every meeting productive.
You can highlight your goals, create an action plan and discover the best way to support one another.

Unstoppable Bright Ideas Game

Ignite new conversations with unstoppable ideas for your family.  Just pick one or two squares each week and share.
You will also be invited to the Unstoppable Connections facebook page where we share new ideas, stories and quotes to keep the conversations rolling.

Activities For Young Ones


We want family connections to become an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
We have included a few activities to make sure that even the little ones can engage in the conversation.

Unstoppable Family Monthly Calendar

A practical, yet beautiful way to display the 4 Gifts of Breakthrough Communication every day of the year!

How Do You Know This is For You?!

It shouldn’t matter the color of your skin, which political ticket you vote for or your financial situation. Families having a meaningful conversation around the kitchen table is just a great idea!

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