Where Ripples Begin and Life Happens!

Where Ripples Begin and Life Happens!


We are excited to have you as part of The Kitchen Table Conversations Show.

The show unleashes game-changing connection for families. 

We believe that you are a great fit for the show. 

That’s why you are here.  

Discover More Details Below


Here Are the Options!


Syndicated on Multiple Platforms

When you choose the Launch Package, the following Channels air your show!

(The Ignite and Engage packages air on Facebook and Youtube only)


Kitchen Table Conversations airing on a channel near you!

Create a Mini E-Book from Your Show!


After your show, we create an E-book, featuring you and your message.  Each E-book will be unique, while also following a consistent format.  This allows families to feel comfortable and easily capture the highlights from your show.

Ultimately, you have a lead generator for your business and we get to provide quality content to our families from experts…like you!

Get your message in front of fresh eyes, so you can create massive awareness for who you are and what you do!


Are you ready to promote yourself and make a difference on a live broadcast?


Step 1: Submit your show concept or book a call to see if we’re right for each other.
Step 2: If we both feel the connection, then we’ll start planning your show!
Step 3: I’ll send you a checklist, so you know what info to send me.
Step 4: You will receive your promo pack, with video, images and social sharing links.
Step 5: We go LIVE on the show and broadcast it to the world.

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