Imagine if Planting 4 Unstoppable Seeds

Could Change Your Entire Future?

They Can!

4 Unstoppable Seeds for Amazing Connections…

at the kitchen table and beyond

~Reproduced from The Network Marketing Magazine, February, 2018~

When I started in Network Marketing, I was a single Mom with two young boys. Over the years I have made plenty of money in the industry. However, I became rich in network marketing because of what I learned and then shared with my children during our family meetings.

But, the biggest reward doesn’t have a dollar sign attached to it. In fact, what this industry offers at its best, you can’t put a price on. Let me explain…

If you are a parent trying to balance the demands of work, building a business and the commitments of family, you know the struggle that unfolds. Yes, it is great for your children to see you out there making it happen. No doubt creating future Kidpreneurs!

If you are a parent trying to balance the demands of work, building a business and the commitments of family, you know the struggle that unfolds. Yes, it is great for your children to see you out there making it happen. No doubt creating future Kidpreneurs!

Over time, we developed a rocking agenda and we built a foundation around 4 Seeds. These 4 Seeds have everything to do with how we connected and supported one another. They also impacted way beyond the kitchen table and long after our meetings ended. The Four Seeds created an awareness that weaved into our everyday lives and impacted our relationships with others… our family, our friends, our neighbors, our peers.

These 4 seeds or strategies for life, are profoundly simple, yet will forever change how you live, love, listen and share. Yes, I learned them in Network Marketing, I circled them, I highlighted them and I shared them with my children.


By incorporating the 4 Seeds into our lives, we learned how to agree to disagree with respect, to build bridges not walls, to own our choices and consequences, to listen; really listen, and to celebrate ourselves and one another.

The Network Marketing Industry gets this right. Most companies in the industry teach the importance of believing in ourselves, celebrating others, becoming leaders and not settling for the status quo. That is a beauty that is often missed in this business.



Turn off the technology. This does not mean that technology is bad. Like money, technology is energy; it is what we do with it that counts. However, there needs to be a time, a space, a place when the person sitting in front of you (even if they are on Skype) is more important than your cell phone, the latest app, the tv show or the next video on social media. I have lost count how many times I see a family out to dinner and every single one of them is on their cell phone or tablet. Not just the kids, I mean everyone! They are so busy connecting with technology, they’ve lost connection with one another.


That simply means that if someone has an idea, you can complement it, build on it, ask questions about it, but you cannot immediately shoot it down. Everyone has ideas that deserve to be heard and everyone deserves to feel respected in the process. Does that mean that some ideas might get tossed out? Sure, but no one should feel anxious or insecure about sharing. Creating a safe haven for all ideas, allows for creativity to flow and passions to come alive. I have shared this Duck Quacking Seed with my teams and in companies. I simply place yellow ducks on the table during the meeting. All I can say is there is a whole lot of quacking going on!


When you choose to Live Above the Mark, you take charge of your life, you own your choices and believe in your own power to change. When you live below the mark, you pass blame, you justify your decisions with excuses and you sit in denial. Below the mark is often weighted down in doubt and so often, guilt.

Living Above the Mark is realizing every challenge is an opportunity to grow. One of the most powerful and freeing moments is when you realize that we cannot grow through guilt, only through awareness. That awareness is the key to moving your life forward.

The most powerful example of Living Above the Mark, came from my 13 year old son. I was explaining that when we live below the mark, we give our power away to someone or something. Only when we step up above the mark and say this is my life and own it, can we start to make a meaningful change. When asked if that made sense, David’s response made me realize he understood it beyond measure. He said, “I totally get it. What you are saying is that last night when we lost our baseball game, we all just sat around blaming the umpire. We never looked at ourselves, so tomorrow night we won’t play any better as a team than we did last night.”

Look parents, the good news is your kids will get this. The bad news is…your kids will get this and hold you accountable. You may not wear a superhero cape and you may sometimes feel invisible, but I promise you that your children are always watching.

I later asked David what he thought would happen if all our leaders in Washington had to live above the mark for a whole day. His immediate gut response, “I am pretty sure they would have to shut it down.” That’s a point that is hard to argue.


Most of us spend countless hours worrying about what others think about us. The truth is they don’t think about us. Why? Because they are too busy living their own lives and worrying about what people think of them.

One of our favorite quotes we shared as a family was “When you judge someone, you aren’t defining them, you are defining yourself.” Judith Henderson wrote, “Our greatest strength as a human race is ability to recognize our differences and our greatest weakness is our inability to embrace them.”


The real beauty in this world, is that we are all different. The strength of a team comes from bringing together unique talents, skills and perspectives. Obviously, if someone has negative intentions, then there is nothing to celebrate. But when families seek how to support one another, when business teams strive to reach a certain goal, when athletes work in harmony to win, therein lies the beauty. It becomes the collective heartbeat…the awareness of that which makes us different ultimately comes together to make us strong,

The real celebration begins when you can live in your truth and embrace who you are and others without judgment or fear.

Because here is the truth…

Words matter.
How we treat each other matters.
How we listen to and respect one another matters.
Owning our choices and doing our part matters.
Celebrating ourselves and those around us matters.

Yes, these 4 seeds, or strategies for life, are profoundly simple and they serve as a foundation built on listening, respect, responsibility and a true celebration of life.

So, let’s disconnect to connect. Let’s respect everyone’s ideas and allow them to come alive. Let’s own our lives by living above the mark. Finally, let’s celebrate ourselves so that we can ultimately celebrate others.

No industry does this better than Network Marketing. A pathway built on people helping people.

I don’t know how much money you will make building your business. I do know the value of making a commitment to your family.

The gift is in your hands. Hold a family meeting tonight and share the 4 Seeds. That’s just the beginning! The next time you are sitting at a big event, listening to an audio or reading a life-changing book, take notes, get out the highlighter, circle ideas and then share! The most important team you will ever lead is your family.

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In 2011, Cheryl’s work for reconnecting families was recognized internationally as one of the Top 5 Next Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity. Her award winning mini Book, How to Connect Your Family for Life and her acclaimed Unstoppable Family Meeting E-Kit, gives families the resources they need to hold an engaging and effective family meeting. She is also the author of an interactive workbook, (More Than) 101 Creative Ways to Save Money. Cheryl is a highly sought speaker, bringing forth a fun and engaging workshop…sharing the 4 Seeds. You can discover more of her work at

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