101 Ways to Save Money


“101 Creative Ways to Save Money” offers families the tools needed to make a positive and proactive change in their financial future and to foster a healthy line of communication around a topic that is sometimes difficult to discuss…MONEY!”



The 101 Creative Ways to Save Money Workbook unleashes new ideas and conversations around money, goal setting and life. It really is the whole kicking kabam…including everything you need to make your family’s finances rock…and do it in a way that is engaging, educational and believe it or not…fun!

It is packed-full of ideas around food, personal care, family and entertainment, your home and more. Every idea saves you money and is also evaluated as to whether it saves time, creates family time or delivers a health benefit. If your family likes an idea…check it…then transfer it to the action worksheets to create assignments, set goals and bring all your savings ideas to life.

Remember, an idea is just an idea unless you do something with it.

With this e-book, you and your family can also weigh in on:
-Credit Repair
-setting a budget
-Domino Debt Elimination
-How to track your expenses
-A whole section is dedicated to kids and money
Essentially, creating KIDpreneurs, and laying the path for their financial success.

Do you wonder why there always seems to be more month than money? Do you wish your family had a plan to tackle finances…together?



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