When I entered into the Next Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity competition,

I asked myself two questions;

1)  “Is it really possible that a family meeting, once a week, has the power to strengthen a family?”  and 2) “Do I believe that through families uniting, we could strengthen the world in which we live?”

Having experienced the rewards that comes from a family meeting, I can, without hesitation, say “Yes” to the first question.  In challenging times we pulled together and turned a time of crisis into our gift.  The answer to second question is what fuels my passion and is the reason that I created Kitchen Table Conversations.

Alex Haley spoke the truth when he wrote, “Family is the link to our past and the bridge to our future.”  We live in challenging times, so the bridge we build for our children’s future must be strong.  If your bridge is well-built, you can reap the rewards and be a part of the ripple that strengthens and unites us all.

As families become stronger, so goes our communities, our nation and our world!

So, in my heart, I believe the answer to the second question is a resounding, “YES!”.    As one of the top 5 in the Next Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity competition, I am excited about the journey that lies ahead.  I thank you for being here and sharing in what I believe will be a World-Changing Movement – Bringing Families Together, One Kitchen Table at a Time.

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