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Respect Your Children’s Ducks

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head?  You know, a really great idea that you are just sure everyone will think is brilliant.  You can’t wait to share it with someone. However, instead of them loving your idea, their first reaction is indifferent or negative. ...

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A Letter to My Children…

Dear Brian and David, Brian, you probably don’t remember the day you packed your Barney suitcase with a peanut butter sandwich because you were running away from home.  I watched you sit in our front yard and explain to the neighbor that you were mad and wanted to...

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Do You Suffer From Old Yeller Syndrome?

I can think of a handful of movies that my kids watched so many times the VHS tapes actually broke – The Land Before Time, Angels In The Outfield and Old Yeller.  I found Old Yeller for $2 at a second hand store and thought it would be fun to share a blast from my...

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The Perceived Sacrifice Wasn’t One At All

My passion for this website comes from my own family’s journey.  About six years ago, we struggled through some very challenging times.  Much of the distress we faced evolved around finances.  Discussing money is almost always a difficult, emotional subject and widely...

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Have You Ever Had An Angel Come Into Your Life? I Did!

It’s the early 70's, and the class has just been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We all take a turn.  Most of the girls want to be a dancer, a school teacher or a nurse.  The boys are going to be policemen, firemen and doctors.  Finally, it was my...

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A Different Wolf Story!

“The little boy looked up at his Indian Chief Father and asked, “What do you think of the world today father?”  The Chief replied, “I feel like two wolves are tearing at my heart.  One is filled with hatred, jealousy and fear and the other is filled with love, peace...

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Can One Meeting a Week Really Connect Your Family for Life?

When I entered into the Next Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity competition, I asked myself two questions; 1)  “Is it really possible that a family meeting, once a week, has the power to strengthen a family?”  and 2) “Do I believe that through families uniting, we could...

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Your Children Are Always Watching

IT’S NEVER THE DESTINATION, IT’S THE JOURNEY. I arrived back in Columbus to find this wonderful note on my night stand and it brought tears to my eyes. Your children are always watching and learning from the example you set. Of course, this note from David touched my...

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