“The little boy looked up at his Indian Chief Father and asked, “What do you think of the world today father?”  The Chief replied, “I feel like two wolves are tearing at my heart.  One is filled with hatred, jealousy and fear and the other is filled with love, peace and hope.”  Wide eyed, the little boy asked, “Which one will win?”  His father looked into his eyes and said, “The one I choose to feed.””

In a world filled with negative news and messages, it is incredibly important that we choose to feed the wolf of love, peace and hope.  I remember a pastor once saying, “When the headlines in the newspapers report good news as the breaking story, then we need to worry!”  Our world is still filled with beauty and a lot for which to be thankful.   This is a wonderful perspective and addressing this issue with your children can help them and all of us to keep our sights on the good that still far outweighs the bad.

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