101 Ways To Save Money

The 101 Creative Ways to Save Money Workbook unleashes new ideas and new conversations around money, goal setting and life.

It really is the whole kicking kabam…including everything you need to make your family’s finances rock…and do it in a way that is engaging, educational and believe it or not…fun!

With this e-book, you and your family can also weigh in on:

Credit Repair
Setting a budget
Domino Debt Elimination
How to track your expenses
A whole section is dedicated to kids and money
Essentially, creating KIDpreneurs, and laying the path for their financial success.

How Your Family Can Connect Around Money – Goal Setting – Life!

The Guide to Abundant Living All in One Book


For many, there is just “too much month left at the end of the money.” In the early 1970’s, families typically lived on one salary and the average family saved about 11 percent of their take-home pay.

When you compare that to the current savings rate of today’s families, many of whom have two incomes, it becomes clear that many families are on the wrong path.

 Interactive Worksheets


This workbook is designed to be interactive. We fully recommend earmarking pages, highlighting ideas, making a mess and making it your own.

Samples of worksheets are found throughout the book. You will want to make several copies of each of these pages so that you can always have a working copy.


Creating Future Kid-prenuers


Each tip also has a checkbox column to the far right labeled, “Great Idea.”

Read through every idea and check the ones that create unity and generate excitement for your family.

Transfer the ideas you like to the action worksheet provided that further defines the idea and allows you to set deadlines and create action steps for each family member.

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